Shining Palimpsest

ATTENTION SISTERS I call to you for she is not with they or it, but the he is equivalent to me in explicit rapture for this thrilling divination. You are invited to partake in this joyous revolution, together, you and I, she, he, they, we, and it. All of us in as one, united in the pink luminosity of atmospheric indulgence. Come, cum see, be free.

You appear to me translucently, glimmering in the ecstatic glow of a rainbow eclipse. Perhaps you bend at the thighs in eagerness, indulging your many layered categories. And the lights are glistening like she and you, ambiguous as the [im]personal pronouns that we no longer conform to for we feel no need of it here, ambiguous as the snails are in their nature, sex, and origin. You, rather, we embody the snail at the core of this joyous measure, representing the atypical, asymptotic, amorphous.

 Yet, there is darkness here, I remember she. This is why you have found himself in this space that embraces what is not considered the norm in society. You do not need to worry your soul, dear heart. I have you and I hold you in my blissful embrace, in grandeur, and tender love.

Text by Maeve Hanna

Co-organized by Katya Min