Aggregate Body

Photo, Video, Artist Book

Exemplary bodies like the pop diva are mechanisms for the workings of power through discourse; they invoke an identification in the viewer—a sign of objectification for the subjectification of the viewer. What if the exemplary body of feminine beauty, prosperity, love, and desire was one of fluidity and formlessness, a new icon for a radical form of consumption and identification with a monstrous entity? “Excreted Venus” was made by patching together several different photos taken from different angles that have been patched together to create her strange body.

“Aggregate Body” represents bodily fragments come together in a grid—revealing its seams. This body is one of fragmentation, coming together, falling apart, resisting identifications of race, gender, etc. This is not a human body as a discreet, whole, organic thing, but rather glimpses open-ended bodily transformation.