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Mutant Salon


Mutant Salon is a beauty salon and roving platform for collaborative performance and community-building that strives to foster connections between queer, trans, POC, womyn and mutant communities to celebrate an ethos of transformation and critical togetherness in the act of self care. In addition to offering haircuts, psychic readings, makeup, nails, tattoos, and other treatments, Mutant Salon embraces a continual metamorphosis of itself with each iteration to offer new aesthetic experiences and experimental modes of engagement with an audience. Mutant Salon has taken place in various venues such as Commonwealth & Council, REDCAT, Honor Fraser Gallery, The Broad (LA), and Southern Exposure (San Francisco).

Founded by Young Joon Kwak & Marvin Astorga in 2012, Mutant Salon’s past and current featured artists and collaborators include: Elisa Harkins, Alli Miller, Kelly Akashi, Sarah Gail Armstrong, Jacinto Astiazaran, Lindsay August-Salazar, Dove Ayinde, Barf Queen, Black TED, Ciriza, Corazon Del Sol, Lena Daly, Experimental Half Hour (Eva Aguila and Brock Fansler), Juan Gudiño, Orr Herz, Oree Holban, Jeffzilla, Amanda Joy, Julia Kouneski, laub, Isaac Ledesma, Oscar Ledesma, Long Long (Thinh Nguyen), Fenex Lopez, Maxilla, Evan McCune, Veli Matti-Hoikka, Jennifer Moon, Roxy Morataya, David Muenzer, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Project Rage Queen (Dalton Chase, Alice Cunt, Travis D, Vik Victorious), Elliot Reed, San Cha, Oscar Santos, Matt Savitsky, Barbara T. Smith, Rachelle Sawatsky, Martyna Szczesna, TMO, and Kim Ye, among others.





July 12 - August 26, 2018

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)


Festival De Las Muertas

SATURDAY 10/29 & SUNDAY 10/30, 2017

Hammer Museum (LA, CA)


We Make Each Other Beautiful

Saturday June 25, 2016

the Broad (LA, CA)



January 23—February 27, 2016

Commonwealth & Council (LA, CA)


Past Events

2012 - 2016