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Attack Sustain Release Decay

Mutant Salon, Experimental Half Hour, and Project Rage Queen

Performance collaboration & Live FX video stream

Thursday, May 21, 7:00pm

Filmed on location at Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Streamed in real time to the Live to Tape festival in Chicago
Raw live stream avaliable for archive at:

Referencing a synthesizer's parameters of the sound­shaping envelope generator, ASRD uses a diagrammatic score to orient sound, movement, voice, and video amidst a ritual of preparatory beautification. The sound­ enabled tools used by the performers to apply makeup, cut hair, and otherwise beautify themselves are such that each transformative gesture undertaken by the performers triggers different sound effects and affects, highlighting the body as a ritual site of transformation. ASRD also incorporates chromakey (“green screen”) technology with the performers wielding matching chromakeyed objects and costumes, reimagining the body and site in a relationship of indeterminate materiality. ASRD offers a collective vision of self care to expand parameters for synthesis: ATTACK (Identity), SUSTAIN (The Flame That Lights the Way Toward the Destruction of the Patriarchy), RELEASE (The Monster), DECAY (& Regenerate Our Bodies).