One Sheet



I use strategies of sculpture, performance, video, and collaboration in order to generate a hybrid language that proposes different ways of viewing and interpreting our bodies—from static and bound to pre-inscribed power structures, to an expanded sense of bodies and their environs as mutable and open-ended. I use a variety of materials including plaster, resin, and metal to arrive at a new sculptural lineage—from classical antiquity, specifically herma statues—square columns bearing only heads and genitals as figurative markers and hermaphroditus, a divine being of both sexes, often with the head, breasts, and body of a female and male genitals. This line continues into a dance between strategies of minimalism and maximalism, abstraction and elements of drag—advocating for different ways of viewing bodies that interrogate mis-representations of queer/trans bodies in art history. Sculpture and performance are deeply intertwined for me in rethinking relationships between bodies, objects, and the spaces we occupy. Video is an extension of that while also examining how we consume moving images today.  

In 2012, I started Mutant Salon, a collective beauty salon and roving platform for collaborative performances and art exhibitions with my community of queer, trans, POC, femme, and mutant artists, performers and writers in LA that has taken place at venues such as the Hammer Museum, REDCAT, The Broad, and most recently at LACE this past summer. Not content to remain complacent in a world that continually objectifies, exploits, and polices our bodies, Mutant Salon realizes a different world of our own creation, a temporary autonomous zone that fosters community-building and celebrates the bonds of critical resistance and togetherness in the act of self-care. In the past, Mutant Salon has presented itself through immersive interactive multimedia installations and participatory makeovers, but Mutant Salon embraces a continual metamorphosis of itself with each iteration to offer new aesthetic experiences and experimental modes of engagement with an audience.