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SHINING PALIMPSEST, opening 1/19 at Cloaca Projects


 by Young Joon Kwak

January 19th - March 9th

Please join us for the Opening Reception, Saturday January 19th
from 8pm - 11pm, featuring performances by 
Xina XurnerBeast Nest and
Star Amerasu.
Performances start at 9pm.


ATTENTION SISTERS I call to you for she is not with they or it, but the he is equivalent to me in explicit rapture for this thrilling divination. You are invited to partake in this joyous revolution, together, you and I, she, he, they, we, and it. All of us in as one, united in the pink luminosity of atmospheric indulgence. Come, cum see, be free.
You appear to me translucently, glimmering in the ecstatic glow of a rainbow eclipse. Perhaps you bend at the thighs in eagerness, indulging your many layered categories. And the lights are glistening like she and you, ambiguous as the [im]personal pronouns that we no longer conform to for we feel no need of it here, ambiguous as the snails are in their nature, sex, and origin. You, rather, we embody the snail at the core of this joyous measure, representing the atypical, asymptotic, amorphous.
Yet, there is darkness here, I remember she. This is why you have found himself in this space that embraces what is not considered the norm in society. You do not need to worry your soul, dear heart. I have you and I hold you in my blissful embrace, in grandeur, and tender love.

Text by Maeve Hanna 

Co-Organized by Katya Min.

Young Joon Kwak (b. 1984, Queens, New York) is a Los Angeles-based multi-disciplinary artist working primarily through sculpture, performance, video, and collaboration. Kwak’s work aims to change how we view our bodies by reimagining their form, functionality, and materiality—from static and bound to pre-inscribed power structures, to an expanded sense of bodies and their environs as mutable and open-ended.
Kwak is the founder of Mutant Salon, a roving beauty salon/platform for experimental performance collaborations with their community of queer, trans, femme, POC artists and performers. Kwak is the lead performer in the electronic-dance-noise band Xina Xurner. Performances and exhibitions include: The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; The Broad, Los Angeles; REDCAT, Los Angeles; and ONE National LGBT Archives, Los Angeles; Regina Rex and Smack Mellon, Brooklyn; Southern Exposure, San Francisco; Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Pavillon Vendôme Centre d’Art Contemporain, Clichy; and the Art Museum of the National University of Colombia, Bogotá.
During summer 2018, Kwak was Artist-in-Residence at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Kwak received the Rema Hort Mann Foundation’s Emerging Artist Award in 2018 and the Art Matters Grant in 2017. Kwak received an MFA from the University of Southern California, an MA in Humanities from the University of Chicago, and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Kwak’s work has been reviewed and featured in Artforum, Art News, Artillery Magazine, Hyperallergic, and LA Times, among others. 

⚫️  CLOACA PROJECTS ⚫️  is a project space organized by marcella faustini and Charlie Leese, aiming to enable the reproduction and evacuation of art. 

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